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We often get caught up in our current circumstances not realising God has a plan. He loves the believer and the one who does not. So great is His love for ALL. Read how he pursued this broken-hearted man to demonstrate His love and message of hope.

It was during a visit to Brisbane for a family celebration where I met with my sisters and we prayed with an expectation for change. We spoke God’s Word over our time together, “Father, may your will be done” in our lives today as in Heaven. (Ref- Matthew 6:12)

It was the day we were due to fly out that something really special took place. It was evident the eyes of God were on the very detail of one broken-hearted man who thought he was coming to the City Mall to people watch. There were plenty of seats however this man decided to sit beside my sisters who had wanted to rest while I looked in a shop close by. I came back in a few minutes and could see the conversation was in depth. The man offered to move over and welcomed me to join in. I felt this time, I needed to leave. I thanked him in any case and walked away confident something was unfolding and that I should not change the dynamics of this conversation.

It didn’t take long for this man to continue his story explaining to my sisters how his mother became pregnant with him to a married man. “She could have easily aborted me.” One sister said God definitely had planned you, you were not an accident.

The man bristled and said “I don’t believe in God. I used to a long time ago…”

He spoke about his heartache. While he was at work one day there was an accident at his home and he lost his young daughter. He thought had he been home, he may have changed it. He prayed and prayed at the hospital bedside, yet she passed.

One sister questioned, is this when you stopped believing? He nodded.

Both my sisters explained from their hearts of personal loss; God was not the author of such a tragic accident. He is a God who loves and wants to know you personally.  And you only need to ask.

The man said he had walked away from any church or form of faith because much happened to him and his family as a result of the loss of his daughter and his life had been devastated.

One sister talked about the three big questions she heard recently, “Where do we come from? Why are we here? and Where are we going?“

The man replied when you die you just die. Both my sisters said oh no there is a Heaven (Eternity) and that God’s word, the Bible says that “the angels of the little children are continually before the face of our Heavenly Father.” Matthew 18:10

Both sisters spoke with absolute resolve, “You will see your daughter again, one day as I will see my child and we will see our grandchildren too.” Both sisters could relate this truth of Eternity from their relationship with our Heavenly Father and their personal encounters with Jesus.

The man thought for a minute and said but the Bible was an old book and written by lots of people. “Yes, and every book is God the Holy Spirit, inspired.” replied one sister. “God speaks to you through His Word.” (Ref- Hebrews 4:12)

“God is not a man that He should lie” (Numbers 23:19), His Word the Bible is truth and it says He has “a plan to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

The girls went on to say, God cares about you and your family and wants to heal this hurt, He seeks a relationship with you, and you need only to believe Jesus died on the cross for you and ask Him to show you.

My sisters offered to pray for him right there sitting on the bench in the Mall. He accepted. They prayed and hugged him and he said thank you.

By the way my name is Kevin*, what are your names? Elizabeth* and Kate*, my sisters replied.

At this time, tears began to flow and this man and my sisters knew for certain this could only be an appointment from God.

Kevin* said oh would you believe this? My Mother’s name is Elizabeth* and my daughter’s name, Kate*.

After this event I read a message based on God’s word from evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth’s. His explanation of God’s grace in a time of trials-

"In all ages, God has witnesses, and He is teaching, chastening, correcting and moving me just up to the point that I am able to bear it, in order to meet a needy soul who would otherwise go down without such comfort."

~ Jude

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