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In the town of Sangre Grande, Trinidad, Dion grew up being exposed to a cycle of constant financial lack. Struggling to have basic needs met, Dion broke free from not having enough to having more than enough! Through obedience to His Heavenly Father, Dion’s family now enjoy the fruits of financial freedom.

For most of my teenage years my immediate family experienced a lot of financial lack. There were times during those years when our basic needs were a consistent thorn in our flesh. I remember on several occasions on the way to high school, my step father’s car would shut down due to an empty petrol tank - very embarrassing to say the least, but it was necessary. My parents piled up debt, and then more debt just to ensure we had food on the table and a sound education. Even though we were all active in church, that financial breakthrough was not forthcoming all through those years. We prayed and fasted, but lack was still very evident. 

At the age of 17, I started working in a grocery store, this was my first job ever. During this time, the devil would remind me each day that this job was all I deserved and working as a ‘replenisher’ in a grocery store was the best I could be.  During those days I would always answer back the devil by saying "There is more to me than this present situation" - those words are still relevant to me today. 

Things started changing for me when I got the revelation of giving and tithing. During those years I gave of my tithes each and every month, and I would also give more as the Lord would lead me to give. After a few months I was able to start helping my family out of financial debt. At the time of our financial troubles I was not fully aware that my parents were struggling to even pay their tithes. 

Fast forward 33 years later - I have seen the miraculous power of Almighty God on my life, and the lives of my immediate family. The power of my giving and tithing had a domino effect on the finances of my family; my parents and siblings now enjoy financial freedom as a result of the hand of God on my life.  Through my obedience to Him and His Word, it has opened up a world of financial breakthrough and blessing in my life. It is only because of Him that I can say I am blessed far and above all that I could ever imagine or think, in many aspects of my life.

There is much debate about the tithe, but for me personally I have proved that giving to the Kingdom of God consistently will unlock that financial breakthrough that transcends lives.  God is looking for givers, for it's better to give than receive.

~ Dion

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