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There did not seem to be an easy or obtainable answer to get out of debt while looking for a better job. Read how the trials of discomfort for Dom and his wife was the prelude to God answering prayers.

For a long time, I felt very stagnant in my career. In our finances we had accumulated significant debt for various commitments and we found ourselves going backwards. As a family we started praying for a breakthrough in our finances and a job where I can operate at my fullest potential.

In September 2017, I started looking out for jobs. The first opportunity came at one company and I was quite confident I would get the role with the amount of experience and skills I had. After two rounds of interviews this company did not have the approval to move forward with me. I was quite disappointed but continued to apply for various different jobs. And everywhere I applied I encountered rejection. This continued for over six months and I started to doubt my abilities.

In November 2017, we welcomed our little boy to this world. As excited as we were, we knew we didn’t have enough finances to make ends meet. I was all the more anxious thinking about how it’s all going to work. But we continued to seek God and believe that he is in total control of our situation. 

On 21st May 2018, my current employer announced that my team (including me) will be made redundant from the 1st of June 2018, which at the time was just nine days away. This raised a lot more questions in my mind about our future.

In the midst of all this uncertainty my wife turned to me and said “I am excited to see what God has in store for this season.” To hear that from my wife changed my perspective from uncertainty to an attitude of expectation. 

Exactly four days after the redundancy announcement, I got a call from the first company I applied for back in September 2017, saying that they are happy to offer me the job. I was ecstatic, thrilled and amazed at the timing.

The beauty of this timing is that my current employer had just agreed to pay out a lump sum amount as a redundancy package which I thought would just be enough to keep us moving until I could find my next job. But God in his perfect timing gave me the next job within four days and also released abundance of finances through the redundancy package to clear all our debts.

As a family we are still in awe of how God orchestrated the whole thing. We are so thankful for His goodness and his abundant blessings. All the Glory belongs to him. 

“I hope this testimony is an encouragement to people and a reminder that God orchestrates everything to work in his perfect timing even when we don’t see it.”

~ Dom

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