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When we pray and read His word, our relationship with God grows. It is through our walk (relationship) He reveals who He is. Read how Christy could see His word demonstrated. God loves all, equally.

I travel for work and the other week, I was in Melbourne, Chinatown and noticed an old man pushing his walker. He was wearing shorts and I could see both his legs were bandaged up to the knee, one clearly swollen. He was looking at the cakes in a shop as he struggled by. I gazed at him wondering whether to offer. He didn’t seem to see me and swore to himself in exasperation as he discounted the thought of the cake and pushed on.

Moving fast somehow, I saw him again around the corner. He had lit a cigarette, took a few breaths of it, and stubbed it out for later.

Then I saw a well-dressed young person, in the prime of life, heading out for the evening from a luxury hotel. It was in this moment I heard through the Holy Spirit that both of them are in the same position before God.

I can distinguish this input from the Holy Spirit from my own thoughts, for as I arrived back to the hotel, I read the verse behind this- 

“The rich and poor have this in common: The LORD made them both.” Proverbs 22:2

~ Christy

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