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It was during a season of prayer, praise and fasting Penny asked God for the gift of healing. Read how His healing power became evident in her life and to those around her. 

I have always had the sense healing was a real part of my scroll and so I often pray for people and with some success and miracles. My own testimony is one of the Miracle of my own daughter. That's for another time.

Prior to Pastor Tom announcing the 10 days of fasting and communion, I had set aside the time to visit a friend in the Central Coast to seek the Lord for several things. I am normally an early morning person however my friend works so she decided to join me in taking communion in the evening after work. I knew this would be a special time to seek Him together. The Lord showed me that in His realm the days starts at sunset. (Jewish tradition).

I was praying for the Gift of Healing to be given to me if the Holy Spirit desired it.
I had been led to some Healing books and DVDs by the Lord over the last few months which I had been studying, so my faith had been built to ask for this gift and to be used more.

One week into the fast and communion and studying on healing a friend of my friend’s came over and was very down over some issues and I sensed the Lord wanted me to ask her if she needed prayer for healing. She said, "Yes please!"  Her leg was numb and there was a problem with her neck and her voice.

We prayed for her and instantly she said she had feeling come back in her leg.
Then the joy of the Lord filled her and she was laughing and filled. I also prayed for her vocal cords to be healed and her whole body and neck to be in alignment.

The pain was noticeable on the way over, when she was in the driving position and now as she got in her car to leave, the pain was totally gone. She was so overjoyed she just shouted, wow! 

Another wonderful thing happened during this time of prayer and fasting. I received a message from my cousin, her son and his wife who live in the United States had just had a "miracle" baby boy. Previously, they had seven failed IVF treatments however this little boy had been born naturally.

I had met the couple at a family gathering last year and met the wife for the first-time and had heard of their trial and so felt led to pray for them.

When I heard the news of their new baby, I was so excited as I believe the Lord answered my prayer for them.

Since pursuing and studying this area of healing, I had a barrage of lies from the enemy regarding my own health. I was fighting against it with His Word. 

While I was away, I decided to go and have a full check of everything just to put my mind at rest or deal with whatever, fully armed. 

Praise is always on my lips because apart from a few minor issues which I am speaking into, I was given a clean bill of health.

Thank you to Jesus for defeating our enemy completely. The best is yet to come!

~ Penny

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