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Starting from a place of joyful expectation Lindsay prayed and received confirmation from God for her friends and their needs. Read more about God’s answer.   

It was my prayer to God to experience more dreams and visions. 

I was concerned for two people who were really struggling with their jobs. I then dreamed I was ecstatically dancing for joy-like David. I felt completely happy and joyful. As I woke two kookaburras were laughing outside my window. I asked God for the meaning and it came to me -

  1. He turns our mourning into dancing

  2. God in heaven laughs at His (our) enemies.

I decided to laugh and dance when I prayed for these two people.

Two days later one of these people rang to say she had been offered a job in another city just as she wanted.

Two days later, the other person accepted a generous redundancy package and is now working casually. I’m believing for a great job for him.

I did not have to be burdened for these people but to laugh and dance instead.

While I was thinking about whether or not to share this during the church service, I picked up my Bible which opened to 1 Peter 7-9. In the Mirror translation it read:

Now, in the same way that fire reveals gold, your faith in the midst of contradiction, makes Jesus Christ visible and gives much reason to testimony stories worth telling.

This is what has permanent value and exhibits the glory of Christ in you.

So even though you have not seen Jesus in the flesh you love Him,…You are leaping with indescribable and exuberant joy as you hold Him in high esteem!

In this place of joy, you are beyond the reach of any harm. Joy gives your faith a voice announcing the perfection of your soul’s salvation.

Praise God!

~ Lindsay

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