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God loves all of us! His will is that none should perish (2 Peter 3:9) and all should come unto Him. When someone we love has passed, we often wonder about their place in Heaven. Read how Elizabeth and her family prayed a specific request and how God answered.

In May we received news from Italy that my cousin, Fulvio was in hospital in a coma and all his organs were shutting down.

He was only 64. The family was told there was nothing more Doctors could do for him - he was dying!

My two cousins, Danny and Philip who live in Sydney, and my sister and I were texting to one another on a group chat, sharing prayers.

I felt led to pray to call him into the Kingdom. We prayed together and in agreement called him into the Kingdom, decreeing that it is the will of God that no one should perish!

We all agreed to keep thanking God that this prayer would be answered.

A few weeks later, we got word that our cousin had passed. 

Again, we took to group chat with the cousins as we exchanged our feelings of sadness and remembered the times we spent with our cousin. 

We remembered our prayer and wondered if Fulvio was now with the Lord and other family members. 

We all agreed to pray that night, asking God to reveal to any of us if Fulvio was with Him. 

A month or so passed and one day that prayer came to mind and I just said to the Lord, “Lord, we haven’t heard?” I didn’t continue with any other words, I just left it at that. 

A couple of weeks later, after our church service, Ps Tom received a word of knowledge and said “If someone has recently lost a loved one, God wants you to know to be at peace!”

~ Elizabeth

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