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While the Doctors may say nothing can be done, God’s word is His promise and available for all who believe. “with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26. Read how Annette and her husband declared victory with His Word and prayed with expectation for a healing Miracle. 

My husband’s healing is totally miraculous we both continually give thanks to our Heavenly Father. His promises are absolute truth and the creative power of His word is actively powerful in performing all it is sent to do.

"This sickness is not unto death but to the Glory of God. " John 11:4. 

This became our foundation of trust we stood on from beginning to end.

January 2018, my husband was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer with an aggressive primary, unknown. 

After three courses of radical chemotherapy and 10 days of radiation we were told neither had worked. Following this we sought another form of treatment with seven sessions of immunotherapy. Even though this is a brief of our journey, Papa had a firm grip on my husband guiding us both through prayerful revelations, a walk of His loving goodness and faithfulness.

There was no hope given from a medical perspective, Papa God is so, so good. He is an anchor of hope in whom we hold fast and his love never fails. 

At any time, we found ourselves overwhelmed, I would chat to Daddy God and remind Him this doesn't bring You Glory, you said .... "Not unto death but to Glory."

September 18th Don was given a “good report" and in November a PET scan showed there was no trace of cancer in his body. Within eight months my husband was completely healed from the beginning to end.

We both continually give thanks and praise to our heavenly Papa; we only saw our future and cancer wasn't in it.

A very special loving thank you to our Sydney Life Church family community. Don and myself are so appreciative of the powerful prayers. We both knew much power was being released throughout our journey, in which we were strengthened plus many divine interventions, our victory is a victory for us all as we are all one in Christ working together establishing his kingdom and bringing Glory to our King Yeshua.

~ Annette.

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