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We are often faced with circumstances that appear too big to turn around. Read how Dom and his wife trust a big God, praying in faith they experienced supernatural favour and great rewards in perfect timing.

I am in a sales role and in this position the company expects us to meet sales targets within a given time period. The company incentivises us with bonuses and commissions to push us to achieve those targets well before the given time frame. 

To put it into context, the average time it takes to close a single deal is about 30 days. I was working through a lot of deals to meet my target before the end of April. However, with just five days to go for the end of April, I was short by $38,000.

I almost gave up because it is impossible to close a deal of that size in five days.

“I was still trusting God for a miracle”. Achieving this target would not only help my recognition at work, I would also get additional commission. Given the tight financial situation for our family, this would be a huge blessing.

We prayed as a family for God to intervene and for his favour in this situation. Out of the blue, during a meeting on Friday 26th April one of my customers, urgently wanted to sign up to one of our services. 

I asked him if he would be able to sign up before the 30th April. He said this is a possibility although he would require approval from his boss to turn it around so quickly. He worked through the weekend and through Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th April however he could not get the approval to sign off. 

I continued to trust God and totally believed that this opportunity was created by Him what seemed out of nowhere. We had one last chance. The best part is that his boss was based in the United States and my organisation is Headquartered in United States too. Technically it is still the 30th of April in the U.S. while it is 1st May 2019 in Sydney. We still had a chance to get this across the line if we could get his boss to approve Tuesday U.S. time.

God's wisdom was timely as I was able to reach out to my client's Boss's P.A. directly as I had spoken to her before and established a good working relationship. She pushed the case with her boss and was able to get it signed off with 7 minutes to 12 midnight on 30th April U.S. time.

“I was amazed at how the whole thing was orchestrated. I knew I could not have done this without God being in it.” I was one of few sales professionals in my team to turn around a deal in such a short time and I was recognized for this in my workplace. Through these circumstances, God released financial blessing to our family. We experienced God's goodness and faithfulness in such an awesome way. 

I hope this testimony will be a blessing to people and may God be glorified through this. I trust this will bring hope and confidence to people that our God is an on-time God and is always working things for our Good in his perfect timing. (Ref-Romans 8:28).

~ Dom

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